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Flexo 160-Vision


  • 1343284
  • 2006
  • Warsaw, Pologne
  • Transformation du papier
  • Machines a carton ondulé
  • Bobst
  • Flexo 160-Vision

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  • 2006
  • Used off-line BOBST Flexo
    Machine configuration:
    Printers 1, 2, 4
    Printer 3
    Feeder( 2006)
    Three printing unit(2006)
    One printing unit(2011)
    Vacuum conveyor(2006)
    Stacker unit(2008)
    Shinko, clean of cardboard system(2013)
    Four steam dryer
    Technical data:
    Thickness of corrugated board: 0,9mm to 9mm
    Thickness of solid board min: 1mm
    Maximum size of sheet: 1600mm x 1100mm
    Minimum size of sheet: 600mm x 520mm
    Maximum size of printing: 1600mm x 1100mm
    Thickness of printing plate: 3mm to 8mm
    Production speed: 5500 sheets/hour
    Diameter of printing cylinder: 440 mm
    Diameter of screened cylinder: 216 mm
  • 1343284
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