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Muller Martini

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  • Kiev, Ukraine
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    Modern insert - sewing and cutting unit Muller Martini Valore for the production of small-format products up to B4 from newsprint, offset and coated and LWC paper.

    maximum non-edged format 365 x 305 mm,
    minimum non-cut format 146 x 115 mm,
    the maximum thickness of the finished product is 10 mm,
    maximum speed 6'000 cycle / h.
    Complete set:
    3 (three) double compact self-covers model 1559, (only 6 heels and notebooks),
    cover self-loading station model 1528,
    the sensor of control of thickness of the selected product,
    firmware station model Valore 1558,
    2 standard sewing heads model HK75,
    firmware control sensor,
    station of three knife pruning model 1522,
    cascading model 1564 with counter of finished products,
    vacuum compressors,
    technical documentation, electrical circuits,
    set of tools.
  • 1342974
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